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Blumarine fashion
Designer Anna Molinari

The portrait of the lady is in her epithet: Queen of the Roses, as her fondness for these enchantingly sensual flowers capture the Blumarine brand image and symbolically epitomizes her ideal of femininity.

Over three decades, the sweet and gentle fashion designer, a small blond bundle of energy, has made a definite mark in the universe of style. She likes to travel and to surround herself with ancient and modern objects. She has a deep appreciation for painting and music.

Fashion is her biggest passion of all. For her it’s a mix of feelings, emotions and cultural influences, revisiting the past and sensing the future always with a sexy, feminine, joyful woman – like herself – in mind. The world of Anna Molinari is rich in charm and allure, vibrant vitality and sparkling wit.


The Blufin Group’s original brand, Blumarine is a leading name in Italian fashion. Thanks to the distinctive style and unique brand identity, it has always won recognition and acclaim on an international scale.

Together with growing market success, the brand has kept evolving. This maturation process has become all the clearer in the re- cent high-profile collections where the designs are more luxurious than ever. The development and launch of a complete line of fashion accessories integrating perfectly with the ready-to-wear collection shows that the brand has achieved full maturity and growth, as well as a rich and varied offer.

Brand identity

Through the years the ever coherent Blumarine style has become a byword for a unique concept of romantic femininity all about time- less elegance and sensual refinement. This distinct, recognizable style comes through in the cuts and colors of the clothes, in the glam image of the advertising campaigns, in the evocative interior design of the mono brand stores.